Samsung ePOP: A Chip 3GB Of Ram and 32GB Storage Now Takes 40% Less Space

Samsung ePOP: A Chip 3GB Of Ram and 32GB Storage Now Takes 40% Less Space

Samsung is still room all before in innovation and presents a new way to put the memory in our smartphones. Here ePOP (embedded package on package), a very important development of memory, because it can place 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal in 40% less space. An asset to our smartphones, which can then enlarge the battery or other. The 3GB LPDDR3 mobile DRAM utilized runs at an I/O data transfer rate of 1,866 MB/s, and comes with a 64-bit bandwidth.

Samsung Electronics is in top form and always on the front of the stage, the firm is well ahead of its rivals in terms of our chips smartphones. Indeed, Qualcomm and NVIDIA would turn even towards Samsung to produce components.

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Samsung has already started mass production of these chips ePOP and they will surely present on a maximum of smartphones in the coming years. It is an impressive development compared to the MAPE memory of the moment. In this ePOP chip would find LPDDR3 3GB of RAM and 64 bit tape, a product of the future.

Beyond that it contains, the most impressive is its size, it is in only 225 square millimeters and 1.4 millimeters thick that are all these gigabytes. Its size is the usual size of the processors of our smartphones today, ePOP will be put on, enough to leave room for other components.

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Samsung ePOP

As you can see from the picture above, basically we have the POP with the RAM as well as with the eMMC internal storage. Samsung revolutionizes the genre by combining POP and eMMC (SIP & G), and this in a size equal to that of one POP. The South Korean firm saves 40% of the space without lowering capabilities.

By offering new concentrated ePop memory for flagship smartphones, Samsung hopes to provide its clients with the benefits of space, while allowing faster operation and improved multitasking. We plan to expand the range of ePOP improving performance and density of components through the years, to integrate them into the high-end market later “

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This was stated Jeeho Baek, memory marketing senior vice president at Samsung Electronics, Samsung intends is totally official, Samsung wants to spread its product in high-end smartphones in the coming years. To further add to the growth of the premium mobile market.” There you have it.

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