Skip Hire; How Easy Is It?

If you’ve never had the need to hire a skip before, you may be a little confused about certain things. You may wonder how far in advance you need to order your skip; do you need to give several weeks notice or can you just ring up and get it straight away? Where can you place the skip when it’s delivered? What size will you need for your amount of waste? What can you actually put in the skip without breaking any rules and regulations? These are all valid points that you may be unclear about, so let’s have a look at them closely in conjunction with Reds Skip Hire!

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If you know you are going to be clearing your garden or knocking down a wall in the near future, then for your convenience it’s a good idea to get your skip booked in advance. However that amount of notice is not always necessary and you can often get a skip delivered at very short notice; sometimes even the same day depending on availability.

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So, where can you locate your skip once it’s been delivered? Once again for your convenience it’s a good idea to place it on your land; just inside your driveway is ideal as it may prevent others from taking advantage and filling the skip with their rubbish. If you’ve no choice, you can always get it delivered to the road outside your property and the permit you will need from the local council can often be arranged by the skip hire company on your behalf.

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If you are wondering what size skip to hire, take a look at the company’s website for advice. Alternatively give them a quick ring to discuss your requirements instead.

A variety of things can be disposed of in a skip. Garden waste, bricks and rubble, general household waste etc; however there are certain things that need disposing of in a different manner and these include tyres, fridge freezers, gas bottles etc. Once again contact the skip hire company and they will be able to advise you.

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