Top Considerations When Booking A Meeting Room

When booking a meeting room it is important to consider a variety of factors, as a venue can make or break an event. There are hundreds of conference venues available across the city and the type of venue you choose for your meeting can speak volumes about your company’s credibility and financial standing.

Opt for a Suitable Location

The location of a meeting is the most important factor to consider, especially if your delegates are travelling, or are from a foreign country. A meeting room that is in a central and convenient space is essential, and good transport links within the vicinity are a must. If delegates are only in the country for a short period of time you may want to consider opting for meeting rooms Heathrow or any other central airport, to ensure that an easy-access, convenient location is chosen and delegates are aware that their needs are being put first.

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Ensure Suitable Facilities are Available

Conference and meeting rooms should all be equipped with a variety of facilities such as projectors, Wi-Fi, stationery, laser pointers, microphones and other equipment that may be used when presenting or discussing business plans. When choosing a venue you may want to check the internet speed and connectivity is satisfactory and that the facilities are suited to your meeting requirements.

Choose a Suitable Size Venue

A venue must be the right size and layout for a meeting, and you don’t want your delegates to be cramped, or the room to feel too empty and appear as though your audience is smaller than you expected. The layout of a meeting room is also important, as is the furniture, and both must be suited to the type of presentation or discussion that is expected to take place.

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Determine the Catering Options

Often meetings can run on for hours or delegates have travelled a long way to attend a presentation, so it is essential that you consider what catering options are available. The availability of food and drink is almost as important as the meetings location, and all catering arrangements should be solidly in place before confirming a booking with a venue.

Proximity to Entertainment and Accommodation

If you are entertaining guests from overseas it is vital that your venue is suitably close to their accommodation, and preferably near an up market restaurant or eatery that can be visited after a meeting to conclude relations on a good note. It’s often a good idea to determine where delegates are staying and to check the availability of meeting rooms and suitable entertainment options within close proximity to this accommodation.

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Budget and Cost

When choosing a meeting venue its vital that you have a clear idea of your budget and the amount of money you can afford to spend. Check with your preferred venue that your budget will cover all amenities and that there will be no additional costs that could be added afterwards. Many meeting venues have various packages on offer and it’s essential that you choose one that covers all your delegate’s and your company’s needs.

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