Technology Improvement Helping Murphy Ben International Succeed

Murphy Ben International is an entertainment company that is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Murphy Ben International creates, showcases and aggregates African content and the African culture of course. Their main goal is to promote the African culture with the many websites and they are even extremely popular on YouTube, being the number one YouTube channel in Africa, they are extremely proud of this accomplishment. The founder and current CEO Murphy Anawana first started the company back in 2009. How he knew that he wanted a music entertainment company as a career was due to the fact of his long time dream; in his youth he recognized a passion for music and entertainment therefore he finally had the opportunity to follow his dream and become founder of the Murphy Ben International company. The company has been working extremely hard on the Internet especially since now they only have their main headquarters in Nigeria but have grown with technology to figure out how to have their business solely online. YouTube has helped the company with their success today. YouTube is so popular that it is easy to promote any website. Murphy Ben International’s work related to YouTube would be that they create new songs and music videos and Murphy Ben International can promote them and their new inventory on YouTube since it is all media related.

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Technology Improvement Helping Murphy Ben International Succeed

Due to the rising increase in technology in Africa, Murphy Ben International is keeping up and the company has benefited and grown immensely from technology growth. When you are keeping up with the technology growth as a company, you are more likely to get people to purchase your products since maybe their software or technology is more advanced therefore you always have to be one step ahead and this is something that Murphy Ben International has learnt over the time. Murphy Ben International really cares about their employees and is constantly addressing racism through their “I Am Wonderfully Made” campaign. Every race needs to realize that we are all humans, all different races and need to be accepting with one another. Murphy Ben International after all is a company that promotes African entertainment and talent. Promoting the idea that every individual is equal is amazing for the employees to constantly feel accepted and feels like Murphy Ben International’s CEO actually cares about them. The future of Murphy Ben International is looking very bright right now since Africa is continuously developing especially in the technology sense. The production team is great and they are very hard working and creative therefore Murphy Ben International is successful.

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