The Best Construction Equipment and Where To Find It

Earth moving equipment is a term used to describe a class of heavy duty machines and vehicles specially designed to carry out earthwork duties on a construction site. Most construction companies and contractors favor heavy equipment rentals and leasing arrangements over ownership. Earth moving machines form the majority of construction equipment today. Each machine is designed with a set of specific abilities and features that differentiate it from the next. This article is aimed at exploring the different types of earth movers and the process of finding the best and reliable earth moving equipment.

The 21st century construction industry has seen a rise of the age of machines, literally. The industry isn’t what it was a hundred years ago. Basic tasks such as record keeping and accounting are accomplished via use of machines. Onto heavier duty tasks such as earthwork and affiliated functions, machines once more prevail. Before committing yourself to an earth moving equipment rental or leasing agreement, there a couple of basic guidelines you will need to run through first.

  • Dry or wet hires: In construction terms, this phrase is used to describe whether or not an earth moving equipment renting company will provide the said machinery operator. Ascertaining this condition allows you to properly gauge the cost effectiveness of the hiring plan.
  • Condition of the earth moving equipment: The quality of a construction job will depend on the performance of the equipment used. A machine’s performance is first and foremost dictated by its physical state in terms of maintenance. A keen scrutiny of the prospective machine’s performance and maintenance charts will give good insight into whether or not you should hire the said earth moving machine.
  • Age, model and level of technological advancement of the prospective earth moving machine. In construction equipment rentals, it is recommended as a general rule to always go for the latest and newest earth moving machines. Each passing day sees an improvement in the machines’ technology which goes a long way in enhancing efficiency. You can’t go wrong with technology.
  • Have plenty of options. Before signing that hiring agreement, consult several earth moving equipment dealers. Compare the rates and terms offered by each before drawing a hasty conclusion. Hiring agreements are legally binding therefore a lack of oversight on your part may result in a less than optimal rental or lease plan that you’ll have to see through to the end. Find out if there are any overhead or hidden charges.
  • As mentioned earlier, earth moving equipment comes in different sizes, designs and configurations. Identify the task you intend to fulfil using the rented earth mover beforehand. It isn’t uncommon to find a scenario where an individual rents an earth mover he/she doesn’t necessarily need. Make an effort to understand what each earth mover is made to do first.
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Earth moving machines are built to accomplish tasks humans ordinarily wouldn’t within the shortest time possible using the least number of workers. Earth movers exist in a few categories each specified to its task. Below are some of the main earth movers most often sought after in today’s construction industry.

  1. Excavators: This class of earth moving machines is identifiable by a long arm that is attached to a cab. These are ideal for lifting heavy loads, lifting band loading dirt. The cab acts as a swiveling joint and also houses the unit’s controls.
  2. Backhoes: This class is characterized by an adjustable shovel mounted at the front end. The whole vehicle is mounted on tires. On the rear end, backhoes have a bucket that is used to dig and lift dirt.
  3. Bulldozers: Traditionally mounted on a pair of moving treads, this class is extremely powerful and is most often used in demolition jobs and moving insanely large amounts of dirt. They feature a huge blade upfront and are considered the heavyweights of earth moving machines.
  4. Graders: These machines are most often used in road construction and maintenance. They are characterized by a blade located underneath the machine that is adjustable to various degrees.
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In conclusion, choosing the right earth moving equipment hiring plan will go a long way in seeing your project through to completion. Heavy machine hiring after all is an investment that should bring forth results and help you realize your money’s worth. It isn’t always practical to own earth moving equipment due to several factors such as their prohibiting costs and government tax policies. Hiring has become an increasingly popular trend in today’s construction industry. It is therefore only right to be knowledgeable on the proper way to go about an earth moving equipment hiring plan.

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