The Fashion Dilemma- To Be or Not To Be!

fashion dilemma

Revolution of Fashion!

We are living in a technologically advanced era, where even a small kid has the access to the internet. This technology has bombarded us with news about events and latest fashion trends. Fashion was always changing and developing, but now with everyone knowing the constant developments, it seems we are living in a world that is revolutionizing fashion industry.

We see posts on the social media about celebrities endorsing new fashion trends and different styles of outfits. We see various brands, from the world, holding events for designers and celebrities to present their creations. These creations can be viewed in a matter of seconds after they hit the runway. We see independent blogs and artists giving opinions and posting pictures of the latest styles.

It seems that the world of fashion can come alive in anyone’s living room in a matter of a few clicks!

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The Ultimate Dilemma- What to Follow and what not to Follow!

When we see this overload of fashion, we automatically get attracted to these trends. Sometimes, whether or not we like it or not, we feel compelled to follow these styles to remain in touch with the latest fashion world or not be stamped as an outdated individual. However the question remains, that is it necessary to follow each and every changing trend? We see that plunging necklines are in fashion as every celebrity has been spotted in a plunging neckline gown, but if that does not suit one’s body type, does one follow it or not?

Furthermore, are we happy following these celebrities as our guides? Not so much! We have simply convinced ourselves that to pose as a well maintained chic personality, we must follow the fashion that the celebrities are following.

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Is it Going Too Far?

We have so many platforms now that tell us about fashion trends, do and don’ts, styles and tips that we now lack the inner sparkle that makes us truly shine! The outer may seem polished and perfect, somehow, but in reality we do not have the inner sparkle!

We may buy the latest shade of lipstick, but we do not know how to use it, we may buy the latest style of leather clothing, but we do not know how to take care of the expensive material. The pertinent question here is, isn’t this just a waste of money? By following celebrities blindly, aren’t we going a bit too far?

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Be Your Own Critic- Follow Your Heart!

We see many celebrities that follow their own fashion styles and set a statement. Why can’t you? You are no less than a celebrity!

In the end, I would advise all of my readers to just follow their heart when it comes to fashion! Look in the mirror and be your own critic. Do not let anyone judge you!

Fashion, in no way is meant to intimidate, it is meant to enhance your personality! Do not let it overshadow your inner glow! Let your passion be seen, make a statement of your own!

Author Bio: Melody Wilson loves to write about varied topics and genres, from web content to academic writing. Currently, she is experimenting with her style and writing about latest fashion trends for Instyle Jackets.

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