The Tyneside Express and Warren rapid logistics partnership

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A new service has been set up to support Warren’s expanding customer base in and around the North East. The UK company, which supplies carton and graphical board and paper, will enter into partnership with Tyneside Express Transport, a North East-based logistics company. The aim of the move is to provide a fast-action and efficient delivery service.

The partnership will enable customers to benefit from a next morning delivery service to postcodes within Sunderland and Newcastle, with a similar next day service offered to all remaining postcodes within the North East region. Warren will be able to facilitate more specific delivery times for customers, which it is hoped will better support its production schedules.

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Acting on customer feedback

Having set up its paper division, Warren received feedback from customers suggesting that the logistics side of the business could benefit from improvement. The partnership with Tyneside Express came about as a result of this feedback. Kieran Ferguson, managing director of Warren, is proud that the company has been able to listen to and address these concerns.

Customer orders are now shipped from Leicester, the site of Warren’s warehouse facility, to Tyneside Express, located in Gateshead. From here, lorries are loaded and orders are readied for multi-drop distribution across the North East from 7am. The new service has resulted in a large increase in business for Warren, with turnover in the North East division almost doubling.

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Warren is now hoping to extend the scheme throughout the UK, improving service solutions for all customers. This is great news for companies such as  Duffydiscount, which provides pallet racking in Ireland.

Tyneside Express delighted at the partnership

Established in 1998, Tyneside Express Transport has expanded into a large fleet of articulated lorries and warehouse space exceeding 30,000 square feet. An offshoot of The Pallet Network (TPN), Tyneside Express services the whole of the UK.

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Darren Casey, managing director of Tyneside Express, is delighted at the new partnership, outlining the company’s commitment to ensuring Warren’s customers have their requirements met and that the company’s current level of growth and development continues. Vehicles are kitted out with the very latest in telematics software, enabling them to be tracked in real time and ensuring customers are kept informed at every stage.

Watch this space for more news and further developments.

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