Visiting 9/11 Museum And Memorial Can Help You Understand The Tragic Event Better

Forgetting the attack and impact of 9/11 is nearly impossible for the world. It is crucial and must for any first time New York visitor to visit 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Visiting these places will help you understand the impact of 9/11 better.

The Museum has 110,000 Sq. Ft. of exhibition space, multimedia displays, which tells the story of 9/11, narratives, archives and a huge collection of artifacts. The intention of constructing this memorial and museum is to commemorate the lives of each and every victim of September 11 and February 26.

Admission Details:

Admission to 9/11 Memorial is free, but you should buy the tickets to enter the Museum. Entry to Museum is free for holders of Explorer Pass, City Pass and the New York Pass. The best thing is that you can purchase the ticket almost 3 months in advance. However, keep in mind that your Museum ticket will have a specific date and time mentioned and hence, is fit for one time admission.

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At present, there are three locations from where you can enter the memorial. The entry most used is at the intersection of Liberty St. and Greenwich St. You need to proceed down on the Church Street located behind the St. Paul’s Chapel. Soon you will be able to see the Blue 911 Memorial signs, which will direct you to the entering area.

The other two locations are at St and Liberty St. and another at West St. and Fulton St. If you are riding in a cab, then you can expect your taxi driver to drop you off at these points.

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Once you are at the entrance, you need to follow the security procedures. Be prepared to walk through a metal detector like the ones you see in airports.

9/11 Museum:

As you go into the Museum, you will walk down the ramp to the original foundation level of the twin towers. Later, you will pass the remains of Vesey Street Staircase, widely known as Survivors’ Stairs since hundreds of people escaped using them before the twin towers completely collapsed.

The exhibitions display stories and events of the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001 and the story of Flight 93. The visit to 9/11 Museum will help you learn more about the tragic event and understand the aftermath of the world.

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Booking Tickets for 9/11 Museum:

Booking tickets has become quite easier through online booking portals. Once you decide the date of arrival to New York City, you can book the 9-11 Memorial Tickets beforehand to escape from last minute hassles.

The best part of going for a guided tour is that you will know exactly about what and where to look for, displays that you might want to look closely and the parts that you can skip and save your time. Online booking applications like Musement New York will have their executives online 24×7. You can contact them to get details on the entire tour and plan everything in advance and hence, can escape from visiting the local travelers personally and wasting most of your time with them.

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