What Are The Benefits Of Getting Cryogenics

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Cryogenics

You may think cryogenics are a fairly new field within the history of science, but in reality, the beginnings of cryogenics have been in existence since humans first began trying to keep ice from melting. During that time, much advancement has been made in the study of cryogenics, and the results of cryogenic study have been applied in both scientific and practical applications.

In the field of cryogenics, materials are studied at very low temperatures, often below -150⁰C and approaching absolute zero, which is -273.15⁰C. The reason scientists want to be close to absolute zero is because that is where the energy of a molecule is at its lowest.

Are You Involved in Medicine?

If so, you may have used a technology that has developed from cryogenics, or is in some way affected by cryogenics. Doctors now use cryosurgery to remove cancerous tumors by destroying the tumors through freezing. Biological samples can be frozen for preservation using liquid forms of gases. Electromagnets created from metal superconductors for equipment such as MRI machines are possible because scientists discovered that very low temperatures reduce electrical resistance in the metal wires of the magnets, thus making the magnets stronger.

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What Cryogenics Have Done for Food

Those first long-ago attempts to preserve ice began as a way to keep food from spoiling. In the centuries since then, scientists working with cryogenics have refined the way we cool and freeze food so that we can transport and store our food more reliably than ever before. These discoveries also enable us to produce our food more quickly and with less waste, make food that is of a better quality, and carry our food with us in thermoses and coolers while maintaining a pleasant temperature.

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These are Just a Few Examples

Researchers in space travel and astronomy use cryogenics to increase sensitivity and keep equipment from generating too much heat, which allows the scientists a better view of objects in space. Those working in aerodynamics have found cryogenic wind tunnels to be helpful in reducing problems with flow simulation. By reducing the temperature of natural gas to the point at which it turns liquid, which happens to be -162⁰C, producers are able to transport higher volumes of natural gas at a time. As we increase our knowledge of thermal insulation in order to allow cryogenics to be most effective, we are able to use this knowledge in the insulation of our homes. Our everyday lives are improved with the knowledge we gain through the study of cryogenics.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Cryogenics

For laboratory managers who are considering adding cryogenic research or services to their work, we at Wheaton are available to assist you in supplying your lab with the equipment needed. A high level of customer service and product quality is very important to us, so we will do what we need to in order to see you receive both during the ordering process. Please do not hesitate to call our customer service team with any questions.

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