Why Professional Mold Removal is an Important Part of the Hotel Industry

The presence of toxic mold in a building can cause serious problems for inhabitants and visitors, because toxic mold is known to be a leading cause in a number of health issues. Inhalation of mold spores can cause breathing difficulties, skin irritation, nausea, vomiting and neurological problems. In some extreme cases, exposure to the most toxic forms of mold is known to have caused death. As a hotel or tourist accommodation owner, it is your responsibility to keep track of potential mold growth and arrange for mold removal if mold is found.

Why hotel owners are at risk

As a small hotel owner, it can be hard to ensure that rooms are always kept in optimal conditions.  Every guest has their own particular ideas of comfort, and sometimes their personal behavior can encourage mold growth. For example, if your guest does not want their hotel room turning over every day, it can be hard to encourage them to properly ventilate their room. In another example, if they leave a wet towel on the floor for a few days, it can encourage mold growth on the carpet. However, it is important that you take appropriate steps to remove mold if it is discovered.

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Why it is important to seek professional mold removal

As a hotelier, it is part of your duty to protect your guests and staff from any health threats. Failure to protect them adequately could lead to litigation, which could prove to be very costly, if they have experienced any of the more extreme side effects associated with mold growth. Although your regular cleaning staff may be able to handle light mold removal, such as that which can appear on bathroom tiles, they cannot be expected to deal with more serious cases of mold removal. Because it is classified as a toxic substance, many standard cleaners are not able to deal with toxic mold, because it falls outside the scope of their job description. When dealing with toxic substance, mold removal experts always wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), so that they do not suffer adverse consequences from inhalation. What is more, hiring a mold removal expert to get rid of the substance from your property can mean that the treatment is more likely to be effective. These experts have a better understanding of the best way to treat toxic substances, and to prevent the substance from returning.

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Spending money to save money

Although you may be worried about the cost of professional mold removal, you should consider it as an investment. The cost of treatment is far less than the cost of losing or defending a lawsuit. Even if you are not sued, mold growth in your hotel rooms will not be looked upon favorably by your guests, and can result in a loss of customers. Having professional removal treatment when required should be considered as part of your essential maintenance program, as it helps to keep your hotel in the best possible condition for your guests.

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