3 Tips On How To Make Your Laptop Battery Perform Better

3 Tips On How To Make Your Laptop Battery Perform Better

Do you find that your laptop battery does not function as efficiently as it should? Even after charging your laptop to the maximum, does it last longer like old days? If your laptop is a year or two old, and you notice any inconsistency in battery performance, it is high time you gave a thought about replacing the battery.

But also consider the fact that laptop batteries are expensive: a new battery may cost as much as $100 or even more. Moreover will involve your time to get the issue fixed. You may have to visit shops and retail stores to get the right kind of battery so that your laptop doesn’t suffer any damage whatsoever.

Whether you are in a phase where you are considering to buy a new battery or perhaps just worried about the inevitable day when you will have to get one for sure, here are the top three tips that will help you during your battery-hunt experience:

  • Most laptop batteries have a lifetime of around one to two years
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Based on your activities on the laptop are, the life of a battery can vary. So if you are a gaming enthusiast or like to stream videos and other power-consuming activities on your laptop, the battery is not going to last more than a year or two. An average laptop battery remains functioning and efficient for around four hundred cycles or recharges. Once that threshold is attained, it gradually loses its capacity to hold a charge and consequently affects the performance of the laptop. That is to say, if your laptop used to demonstrate a runtime of three-four hours, it will, after its threshold limit, only survive for one or two hours at the max.

  • Battery life can be extended with right practices
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For many laptop users, a laptop is the primary desktop PC. From checking emails to long hours or web browsing, all workload is rendered to the laptop itself. How long can a laptop battery perform in such case?

One way to improve performance is by ensuring that the battery does not remain plugged in for all the time. As a precautionary measure, one can pop the battery out unless you have to be somewhere where charging is not an option. So long the laptop remains plugged into an AC source, you won’t even need a battery.

  • Finding third-party solutions
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One trouble with replacing laptop batteries is that the original batteries from the laptop manufacturers are quite expensive. Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can instead get a compatible battery for your laptop model at a much less high price? Look online for the available alternatives for your laptop model and you will find there are a couple of viable options for you. If your laptop is a popular model, for instance, that of Dell or Macintosh, you can be sure that there will be many options to choose from.

Replacement batteries, in general, promise a higher lifetime, of around 700-800 recharge cycles and also come at an affordable cost. So while replacing the battery is a must to keep your laptop’s performance optimized, the price is no longer a hurdle for you.

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