4 Ways How Energy Saver Light Bulbs Save Your Money

4 Ways How Energy Saver Light Bulbs Save Your Money

The regular light bulb is extraordinary for illuminating your home but can easily waste somewhere around 80 and 90 % of its power use to generate heat. Energy saving light bulbs are made to work more successfully, utilizing a higher segment of their power utilization to generate light.

With this in mind, you can save money from your electricity bill if you start using energy saver bulbs, the main deciding factors in the amount you will be able to save depends on the type of bulb you are going to use and your overall energy cost.

There are several ways you can save money when you switch to energy conserving bulbs, from maintenance to costing and equipment. Below we will be working out the ways,

During the Lifespan of the Bulb

An energy star certified energy saving bulb last longer than the regular incandescent bulbs. The normal energy saving bulb, last nothing less than six times the regular incandescent bulbs can last, with this in mind when replacing bulbs, you would have to replace the regular bulbs six times before replacing an energy saving bulb also the heat the incandescent bulbs produce will increase the heating cost of the home also.

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Equipment Savings

Buying an energy saving bulb at first will appear expensive as compared to the regular incandescent bulbs. But when considering the lifespan of both types of bulbs, you will have to change the incandescent bulb six times before changing an energy saving bulb.

The MSN said that a normal incandescent bulb last 1,000 hours of operation while the energy saving bulbs last 10,000 hours of generating light, assuming a normal incandescent bulbs cost $0.75, each and an energy saving bulb costs $3 each, you would have changed 10 pieces of the incandescent type of bulbs before changing the energy saving bulb.

Replacing the whole House with Energy Saving Bulbs

MSN indicates that a regular family house spends around $264 every year on power for lighting. Most of the money spent on lighting is being wasted as a result of the in-efficiency of the regular incandescent bulbs we use in our homes, as they use most of it to generate heat instead of light.

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Now consider replacing all the regular incandescent bulbs in the house with energy saving bulbs, which are 75 % more effective in the conversion of electrical power to light, that means you will be saving a whopping  75% energy.  Now let’s do the Mathematics 75 percent of $264 is equal to$198. So in that case you will be saving $198 when you change all the light bulbs in the house with energy saving bulbs annually.

Each Bulb Saving Yearly

Let’s lay down some foundations before we start. It is said that a 30 watt energy saving bulb produces the same amount of light as a 100 watt regular incandescent bulb. On an assumption basis, an individual operates a 100 watts regular incandescent bulb for 8 hours daily for 365 days a year.

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Mathematically, the bulbs will have consumed 292,000 watts of electricity in that period. If the charge for a kilowatt of power is $0.10 per hour, the cost of the electricity consumed will amount to $29.2. If this individual is using an energy saving bulb, considering that the equivalent of the 100 watt is 30 watt, the total amount of power the individual will consume will be 87,600 watt. So, when you multiply that with the cost of power per kilowatt per hour it will amount to $8.76 for same time frame of using both type of bulb. Now that’s the difference.

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