Will A Facelifted Ford Kuga Appear In Barcelona?

Ford fans are puzzling over a cryptic announcement from the blue oval brand, which could indicate the appearance of a new Kuga this month in Barcelona.

Ford will be attending the Mobile World Congress on 22nd February in Barcelona, where it will be introducing its newest automotive technology and has promised that there will be a new model reveal. While the Kuga was not mentioned, industry rumours suggest that this will be the occasion Ford chooses to showcase its facelift of its small SUV. No huge surprises are expected, as the Escape – the US version of the Kuga – was shown in facelifted form at last year’s LA Motor Show. The One Ford global model policy means the Kuga should differ very little from the Escape.

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The New Escape

The new-look Escape was sharper and more purposeful looking than its predecessor. Front and rear bumpers were updated to make the Escape closer in style to the larger Edge model. The front grille is wider and there is a new tail light cluster, while the cabin has been treated to a new steering wheel – the same three-spoke model used in the Focus. The climate control switchgear has also been updated.

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The Latest Tech

The Escape, and so probably the Kuga, will be fitted with SYNC3, Ford’s latest, faster infotainment system, with a seven-inch touchscreen and remote connection technology called Sync Connect. This will allow the driver to lock and start up the car remotely and even use a smartphone to programme timed start-ups.

Other smart tech includes a lane keeping assistant, active cruise control, brake assist, forward collision warning and parking assist. All these are also likely to appear in the Kuga when it reaches the market next year; therefore, if you are in the market for a new SUV, contact a finance dealer such as www.rightdrive.co.uk, which specialises in bad credit car finance in Portsmouth.

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The Escape has also seen its engine range modernised, but it is not clear whether the smaller engine line-up of the Kuga in Europe will also be revised. Only two engines are currently available to UK Kuga buyer – a 1.5 litre petrol unit and a 2.0 litre diesel – although each comes in various different tuning levels.

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