7 Makeup Techniques To Make You Look Slim

7 Makeup Techniques To Make You Look Slim

We are the type of generation that is driven by fashion, tech gadgets and gizmos. Celebrities are new inspirations. Following celeb and trying to copy every new look they’ve created in the VMAs is a fad. We are obsessed with their instagram accounts and those stunning red carpet looks are all we want during award season!That being said, here are some simple ways will help you reach the desired results-

  • Choosing the brow shape

Brows are  an important deciding factor if your face looks slim or heavy. Brows can be substantial but not thick. Having a defined arch in the middle makes them look perfect. Arched brows lift your face and make you look slimmer adding a line elegance. Colored brows look spectacular when paired with the makeup.

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Under eye circles need to hidden with concealer. Adding white eye shadow to the inside and outside of the corners of eye makes it look beautiful. Eyes are one feature that we always look for in a person as it pops out the most when it comes to makeup. If they are highlighted because of dark circles it will make you look heavy. A bit of white eye liner will help your face look slimmer.

  • Blush color

Mostly people tend to use a blush with brown undertone whereas using a red blush will give them a more fuller look. Use a blush under the cheek bone and spread towards the upward direction. Smile while applying a blush. Do not use excess of blush as it does not suit.

  • Eyes makeup
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Eye makeup constitutes an important part of makeup and your overall look. A heavy eye makeup does no good and more harm. Eyeliner and mascara are applied to make your eyes look broader. Eye shadow should complement your skin tone and makeup applied. Brown eyes work best with blue, teal and purple. Blue eyes are matched best with pink or gold shadows. Green eyes look good with golden shadow.

  • Apply Bronzer flawlessly

A bronzer if used correctly helps in lifting up the weight of your face. Firstly a light layer should be applied on the jaw line to darken the area followed by blending it nicely with the makeup. Preventing it from looking dark in certain areas. Apply a dark layer under the jawline. This will your face look lighter.

  • Highlight
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Try using a highlighter on the middle of the nose and top of the cheek bones. This will give a more fuller look by elongating your face.

  • Lipstick

Dark shades of lipstick will make you look older and your face heavy. A simple shade of pink is the best option to make your lips light and face slimmer. Nude colors are also work best as they make the lips look thin.

These tips are tried and tested which you can mould according to your skin tones. Do let us know how helpful were they. Look beautiful and keep smiling!

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