A Quick Post-Installation Guide for Car Windshields

Windshield replacement is usually a bothersome task for those opting for it for the first time. Once the new windshield is up there, it is completely normal to be anxious about the new installation. People are usually flooded with many questions such as the waiting time before one can resume driving, or any post installation care.

Don’t worry, though! We are here to guide you through your first post-installation period.

I just had my windshield replaced. What’s next?

The specialists who have replaced your windshield are definitely pros but there are still a couple of things that you need to ensure once their job is done.

A painstaking inspection – You must closely examine the windshield replacement install before you head home. Verify that there are no gaps or bubbles in the seal around your front glass. The windshield gasket must be installed very carefully by the technician, so you must take your car for a test drive and ensure that your, let’s say, Innova windshield doesn’t have any air noise or suspicious elements around the install.

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Don’t forget the warranty paperwork – While the technicians will provide you the receipt and guide you through the post-installation paperwork, don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the warranty covers. You must be confident about how and what you can claim in case of any repairs. It’s best to keep abreast of all terms and conditions before you make the final payment.

The indispensable list of Do’s and Don’ts

Be Gentle – While your windshield might be as new as ever now, you mustn’t forget that it is still very fragile in the first 24 hours. Avoid any harsh impact on the glass as it could easily displace the installation. Rough terrains, hard door slamming etc. are just some of the things you must avoid at any cost. Keep your windows rolled down an inch or two to prevent adhesive leakage due to air pressure. We also advise that you leave the retention tape on for the next 24 hours to follow.

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Avoid Car Wash – It is highly prohibited to take your car for a wash right after the replacement. The moulding is vulnerable for the first few hours after the glass has been replaced, and it mustn’t go through any unnecessary pressure or jarring.

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Consult the Map – If you generally commute through an area prone to having a lot of debris, it’s best to either pursue an alternative route or to avoid taking your car out for at least 24 hours. You could consider an alternate parking spot for your car if an alternative route doesn’t seem to be a choice.

Post-Installation care

Now that you have invested a lot of money, time, and effort in the replacement, be mindful of the precautions listed above. Any amount of carelessness can cost you much more than your Innova front glass price. If need be, avoid taking your car out until you are sure that your car is now ready to hit the road.

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