BEER- Beverage Equiped To Elevate and Refresh

Beer as we all know is a mood refresher, it is a beverage that instantly whips your stress out and relaxes you to the core. Evenings find meaning in a pint of beer, friends find enjoyment in a pitcher of beer. It is certainly a beverage that is equiped to elevate and refresh your senses and mood, it completes celebrations and adds a spark to otherwise dull events. All these scintilating qualities of beer are known to us, we experince this as we gulp down this awesomness waiting for more to come. On the contarary here we will tell you some more benefits of beer, which are lesser know but are more surprising than you expected it to be!

  1. Beer makes you glide through social events
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Scared about the first date? Or a networking event at office? Just chug a beer and see how you embrace confidence. Moderate amount of alchohol can boost your confidence and add to your conversation abilities by loosening you up a bit, as suggested by studies conducted in the USA.

  1. Beer helps you battle down stress

Yes, that is right for women upto 300ml and for men upto 700ml of beer is permissible, rather it is helpful in stress and anxiety management which in turn reduces risks of heart diseases. So don’t wait just drink to good health.

  1. Fix your bad hair day

No don’t get confused you read it right, if you want that extra shine and volume in your hair just wash them with beer. Many celebrities are beleived to be following this beauty regime for flouncy snd gorgeous hair. It is an unconventional yet effective way to make your hair impressive just like the celebs.

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BEER- Beverage Equiped To Elevate and Refresh

4. Beer is extremely healthy!

More than any other alchoholic beverage beer is the healthiest one, it has high levels of antioxidants. Darker beers have higher levels of fibre which help in digestion. Not just that it also has high levels of Vitamin B and fibre, some studies also suggests it has even lesser calories tha milk! I hope now you know what to drink to be fit as a fiddle.

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5. Not just your mood it rejuvinates your skin too!

Many people even opt for beer facials to make their skin supple and soft, it is naturally good for skin. Beer impacts pigmentation and enhances skin appearance. All the women now have plenty of reasons to pick a bottle or two and kill two birds with one stone.

As they say things done in moderation are never harmful so chug a bottle and walk to good health enjoying yourself to the fullest. Best Beer is certainly a beverage with many benefits, make your evenings come alive with it. Enjoy responsibly and make the most of it.

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