Check These Things Before Buying Bra

The Holy Grail for most women is the perfect bra – the attractive, comfortable, and reasonably long lasting bra that provides adequate support while looking good. Very few women, however, ever manage to find this ideal; not because it is not available but because they look at and for the wrong things.

Having Choices

Women tend to pick up bras where they shop, rarely venturing out to speciality stores or even large malls where they would have a lot of choice. Since small stores, particularly remote stores, stock only the most basic variety and common sizes, this results in women picking up the easy option, not the best one.

Price Often Reflects Quality

Good bras are expensive – and by good we mean having all those attributes of the perfect bra. Bra panty sets made of flimsy material are not likely to provide support or comfort even if they look great. A sturdy cotton crossover bra is unlikely to look enticing even if it provides immense amounts of support. Good bras are designed to be comfortable, look gorgeous and provide enough support to make back pains rare and for all those virtues they cost more. When you choose to buy the cheapest option you forgo the advantages of good quality.

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The Size and Style that Work

Another common mistake when selecting a bra is to assume that the size is constant across styles and that the right size compensates for not wearing the right style. Each body is different and the bra style has to complement the best features.

Where Are You Going in that Bra

There is no such thing as an all-purpose bra. Bras, like shoes, have to be bought for specific use. If most of your clothes are halter tops, bras with straps have very little utility for you. If you spend your entire day running up and down staircases, a lacy bra with no support is not going to cut it.

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My Bra, My Style

Finally a bra reflects your personal style, if you like feminine lacy clothes then a sports bra is not going to appeal to you aesthetically and there is no reason why your bras should not appeal to you.

What to Check when Buying a Bra

Knowing what can go wrong is the first step to figuring out how to get the right bras or the right bra panty sets. You want choices, you want your own inimitable style and you need the right size and you have to check that all of these things coalesce in the bra you buy.

The Right Size

For many years women were downsizing the cup and buying the wrong bras with large straps to compensate. The idea that the only ‘regular’ sizes end with B, C or D is fast disappearing and where most stores did not even carry AAA and HH sizes, they are now comparatively readily available. Check your size by having a store expert do the sizing for you. Check that the bra fits, the cup fits and it is comfortable – your bra is not a medieval torture instrument!

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The Right Style

Everybody is different. Wear a bra style that suits your body type and feels good to you. Try different brands, different cuts and different styles that suit you. A bra that was great in your teens is probably not the bra for you in your 30s. A bra for an evening out is not the same bra that you can wear to a tennis game.

Be Practical, Shop Smart

Look for practical colours – nudes, beiges, whites and blacks – as that stunning red printed bra may there’s is very little utility to it. Shop online, shop at sales but buy good quality so it lasts. And when you find the perfect bra, buy more than one!

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