Google Chrome Released The Latest Update 38.0.2125.104

The web browser is an important piece of software to your operating system, Google browser has been updated to the specific version of the: 38.0.2125.104, this version contains a number of fixes and improvements. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux, Such as increasing the number of new applications / extensions API, the new user profile switching interface, guest mode; lot of core stability and performance improvements. This latest version also uses a new JavaScript engine (V8), which is much faster than existing Java script interpreters. By this updated version you can create more complex and Ajax applications.

Google Chrome 38 Browser, the New Version Features:

First of all, in the latest version Chrome beta, users can switch profiles directly from the title bar of the window. If you have yet logged in, you can choose Sign in at this time. If the user has logged in Chrome, then you can automatically sync tabs, bookmarks, and history and other content. And on more than one computer to share and use, multiple users can add multiple profiles, respectively, so that the desired saved content separated.

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When it comes to the configuration file, you have to mention the newly introduced “guest mode”. This feature can click on “New Profile” -> “Switch User” -> “in guest mode for browsing” to achieve. Note that, in this mode, once the tab is closed, its information will be erased browsing computer.

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Finally, after the launch of Windows stable version of Chrome 64-bit, Google also decided on a 64-bit version of OS X is set to default – although the latter is still in the beta stage, and Chrome for Mac will no longer support 32 of NPAPI plug-ins.

For 64-bit processor Chrome can make better use of today’s hardware, and the right speed, security, stability improvements, the main features are as follows:

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Speed: 64 Chrome can take advantage of the latest processor and compiler optimization, more modern set of instructions, faster call protocol, enabling a large speed increase, especially in the graphics and multimedia content, performance improvement of 25%.

Safety: Chrome OS to take advantage of the latest features, such as Windows High Entropy ASLR 8 of 64 Chrome with security also achieved increased dramatically.

Stability: it supports the platforms of windows 7 (32-bit) and (64-bit), Windows 8 Chrome enhanced stability, in particular, the rendering process greatly reduced the rate of breakdown is 32 Chrome half.

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