How To Find The Right Hair Colour For You

How To Find The Right Hair Colour For You

If you’ve ever coloured your hair, then you know there’s a huge difference between getting it right and getting it wrong. It’s practically a science in its own right. So what do you do?

Find a colour that works and stick to it? Yes, you could do that. You could also wake up in the morning and put on exactly the same clothes every day for the rest of your life, but most Gloucester hairdressers wouldn’t recommend it. Hair is part of fashion, and fashions change. So we recommend spicing things up a little.

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Know Your Skin Tone

Before you even look in the samples book, you should determine your skin tone. To do this, sit opposite a mirror in natural light and wrap a white towel across your body. You want to match your hair to your skin not your make-up, so going make-up free is a must.

Now ask yourself: is your skin pale, fair or dark? Does it have yellow or red tints? Is the tone cool, neutral or warm?

Your skin probably contains many different colours, but you want to establish what the dominant colours, hues and tones are. If you’re unsure, headkandyhairdressing a Gloucester based hairdressers salon can help you determine what these are. You could also try an online quiz.

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Eyes and Eyebrows

You should use the same principle you have used on your skin to judge the colour and tone of your eyes. Contrasting hair tone to eye colour can be a great way of drawing attention to both. But if you have beautiful chocolate-brown eyes, a perfect-match hair colour might not work as well as imagined. However, staying relatively close is also a great way to get a natural look.

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Remember that your eyebrows can always be darker than your hair, but they shouldn’t be a different colour. To clarify, if you’re going for brown low-lights and your eyebrows are strawberry blonde, you might want to consider a different hair colour or colouring your eyebrows. However, if you’re colouring your platinum hair pink, skip dyeing your eyebrows to match.

But most importantly, if in doubt, ask an expert. Salon colourists are specially trained to spot skin tones and hues, and they always know what’s in fashion too.

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