What Windows 10 Means For Business

What Windows 10 Means For Business

As it’s a free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8, many individuals are rushing to adopt the latest Windows 10 operating system and take advantage of the extra features and improved performance it offers. But for businesses it’s a different matter. They can’t always afford to update systems straight away, as there’s a risk that critical business processes may not work.

The Last OS

There will be a need to update at some point, however, because it looks likely that Windows 10 will be the last version of the operating system as Microsoft shifts to a software as a service model. Also, because it’s designed to work across a number of devices, including phones and tablets as well as PCs, companies with a BYOD policy are likely to be faced with Windows 10 sooner rather than later. They may well need to turn to software testing services to ensure their systems work correctly.

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What’s Good for Business?

Windows 10 has already proved popular, with many people installing it in the first few weeks. So what features of Windows 10 are likely to tempt businesses into making the move? Well, firstly it uses the traditional Start menu last seen on Windows 7. Many business people chose to skip Windows 8 altogether, so Windows 10 offers them a familiar environment.

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New features like the Cortana personal assistant make life easier for business users, making it easier and quicker to perform searches and set notes and reminders. Voice-control features help here too, allowing you to perform tasks quickly even if you’re busy doing something else.

Mission-critical systems will need to be checked to ensure they work on the new OS, and testing services such as www.mytesters.com can help with this. Most people have several programs open at the same time when working, and Windows 10 makes it easier to manage this. An improved snapping feature makes it possible to divide the screen into four equally sized panes rather than two. There’s also a new virtual desktop feature that means you can divide your programs across several screens to keep things less cluttered.

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Though there are no major performance gains from Windows 10, it does wake from Sleep mode faster than earlier versions, so you you can be productive again more quickly after you’ve been away from your desk.

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