How To Prepare For A Blizzard

How To Prepare For A Blizzard

With the recent events of winter storm Juno, it is safe to say that both home and family safety is on the mind of many. While those living in regularly snowy areas might feel prepared for the typical winter snowstorm, being ready for a blizzard and its possible consequences can take a bit more preparation. Here are a few tips on how to equip both your home and family with security if a dangerous blizzard hits your town:

1. At Home

If a blizzard hits, the best place to be is at home. In the safety of your house, you can rest assured that there is a safe barrier between you and the snowstorm. But, because blizzards can pose some serious danger, such as road closure, it is important your house be fully prepped. At the first sign a bad storm might be headed your way, make sure to stock up on groceries, water, blankets, candles, and batteries. Because storms can cause serious damage, you might be confined inside your house for a few days, making it a necessity you have food and water to sustain you and your family. In the case of a power outage, blankets, candles, and batteries will help keep you safe and warm.

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Additionally, if you live in a larger city, storms present a prime opportunity for burglars to make their move. With the police focused on other priorities, many criminals use this to their advantage. To be fully prepared, it might be a wise idea to install home security. Local Home Security for Chicago or any large city can help to keep you feeling secure during a bad storm.

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2. On the Road

If you know a storm potentially could be blowing in, stock up your car with any supplies you think you might need in case you were to get stuck in a blizzard. Load your car with emergency essentials, including batteries, portable cell phone charger, hand and foot warmers, ropes, matches, water, food, and extra blankets. Bring extra socks and warm snow boots, in case you have to walk to shelter.

3. Traveling

Most storms halt travel; however, if you have a trip planned, call the airport to make sure of your flight’s status, otherwise you may find yourself stuck in an airport for the duration of the storm.

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If you commute to work by train, subway, or metro, check to see their status before getting stuck in a train station or subway station.

4. Pets

Prep your pets for a storm. Have food and water on hand for them, and make sure to keep them inside—even if they are typically outdoor pets. Dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. can get just as cold as humans, and leaving them outside in a blizzard can have nasty consequences. The ASPCA advises dressing your dogs in a coat or blanket when you do eventually take them out. Once they are done, clean its paws, as ice and salt can damage a dog’s paws.

Being prepared can alleviate any excess danger that might arise with a blizzard.

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