No Longer Can We Afford To Throw Caution To The Wind. Here’s Why…

An increasingly germane question that will take the forefront among news is whether it will be worth asking what types of foods that consumers will need to live without in the face of extreme weather and rising temperatures across the world. Across the world, surprising droughts, such as the one in California and extreme weather conditions are ravaging crops and shortening the length of food production companies. It will not be too long when we open our refrigerator and find most of our favourite fruits no longer in production.

According to experts at the Centre on Food Security and the Environment at Stanford University, agricultural conditions across the world are sensitive. Although it does not seem like it would be the end of the world, the issue would be huge enough to be worth every man’s concern on the planet.

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One of the biggest issues we are currently facing is an excess amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. According to some analysts, an increase in carbon dioxide is a good thing for farming, as plants use the gas for the purpose of photosynthesis. However other experts are of the opinion that carbon dioxide is not the only important constituent; there are others too that take precedence in agriculture. Other factors such as the availability of fresh water, the increasing change in high and low temperature swings, poor plant health etc. are likely to outweigh the benefits of the carbon dioxide boost.

Currently, the effect of climate change on some crops has been tremendous. For instance, information gathered from the yield of wheat and corn production is an indication that these two staple grains are continuing to be negatively impacted by the change in climate. In a similar manner, the growth of fresh fruit and nuts is also being affected due to the changing climate.

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Certain fruit trees require a cold period of time, especially around winter and cool months, for optimum production. If these trees do not get the required number of cold days, quality levels and the production of fruit drastically drops. Because of this there have been frequent price hikes in many foods across the world.

Not surprising, climate change is fuelling natural disasters, man-made calamity sections was and is deeply cutting into the global food supply, even as governments across the world are still unprepared to guard their citizens, according to a recent study from the Climate Science Panel at the United Nations. Seven years ago when the first update by the United Nations International Panel of Experts was drafted, climate change was only a distant threat and a localised factor. Today, it is all about people and extremely relevant to every man living on the planet. Climate change today is not just restricted to the Antarctic glaciers, sea ice, butterflies or bees but is now directly affecting individuals and communities.

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It is important that giant strides be taken by governments across the nations in order to tackle the challenges faced by people globally. Unfortunately all that is available these days are delays, excuses and miniscule steps from politicians that is actually hurtling the planet towards a climactic cataclysm.

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