Important Information About Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Today there is entirely a brand new way to fix your older bikes , offer a new coat of paint, repair issues with old bikes and install the electric bike conversion kits all at once. Many of you may get tempted by the cheap price of the kits, but apart from the price you should also decide on the various other factors. What kind of riding you want to do is the most important part to decide, on the basis of which the conversion kit will be installed. Electric bike conversion kit ensures an easy and quick installationwithout any additional modifications.

Kits Used in the Conversion:

Electric bike conversion kit possesses some of the important products that actually help you to convert your bicycle into an electric bike in a much simpler way. The products are made up of high-quality raw material, durable and compatible in nature and are widely demanded among all the customers from all over the world. The electric bike conversion kit possess a rear wheel motor, controller, thumb operated throttle, on/off switch, brake levers with kill switches and battery to control the cable. The motor is a 500 watt continuous, 1200 watt peak power geared motor especially suited for the steep hills and inclines. This specific motor requires a 22 Amp continuous controller. Although the brake levers had kill switches on them it is not necessary as the throttle is thumb operated. Nowadays the electric bike conversion kitis available with well-made nylon battery bags.

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What Type of Electric Bike Conversion Kit do you Require?

Prior to purchasing the conversion kit, it is very important to identify your specific needs and preferences. Every electric bike is not built in the same manner; therefore take the decision after thorough thought process. Each of the electric bikes are built individually considering your choice of longer distances, higher speeds, shorter distances and many others. As a result the bicycle frame, model, weight height and strength will also vary from one another. You should consider all these points before deciding on which electric bike conversion kitis the best for you.

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Other Information:

Can I make it go faster? This is the most common question asked by maximum of the people who all have installed the electric bike conversion kit. Well, the answer is that the speed of the electric bike is restricted maximum to 28MPH. The manufacturers do not offer anything faster and modifications to make it go faster usually lands to some expensive mess for the users. That is the reason they avoid raising the speed. The actual top speed of the electric bike may vary depending on the wheel size, rider weight and road conditions.

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After installing the electric bike conversion kit to your old bicycle, you can easily resell it. The new conversed version electric bike has more resale value whereas the conversion kit is available within an affordable price. Many people tend to resell their old bicycle after installing electric bike conversion kit, and thus earn more money.

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