Picking the Best Security Solution for Your Needs

Very often when starting a new business or building a new home, people get concerned about security issues. That is very normal, especially in this era when homes can get attacked out of nowhere. For this reason, it is wise for a UK homeowner or business owner to invest in security solutions for their homes or businesses. People approach security companies, like Security Services Oxford, to purchase security equipment and plans, as well as take advice from industry leaders and professionals.

Whether it is to protect your home or to protect your business, security companies have different products and services that they offer to keep your house or office secure. Knowing what kinds of products and services these companies provide can help you choose which to pick:

  1. Electronic security system

Just like how it sounds, security companies offer state-of-the-art products and installation of electronic security systems like an electronic lock, alarms, and cameras. Thieves can strike anytime and anywhere and target places with the least security. To detect these unwanted visitors, security companies use motion sensors, cameras, and intruder alarm systems. As the user of this system, you’ll also need to familiarise yourself with the system’s different features.

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For this, you’ll have to look for companies that meet the British Standards, as well as the requirements from the ACPO and the NSI, to make sure that the installed security system can be insured.

  1. Patrols

Security companies also provide security guards, as well as patrolling security that visits the premises either on agreed schedules or at random to give a constant and regular security presence. Random patrols make sure that criminals don’t know when a security patrol will be visiting, thereby discouraging an attack against a guarded location. The patrols can also be highly visible or covert making it even harder for criminals to know when there is a patrol.

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Visiting patrols are more suited for suburban areas and homes. Security guards are for corporate places or businesses, though businesses can ask for visiting mobile patrols as well.

  1. Key holding

Security companies can hold your keys for you for an unoccupied property such as a home or an empty office space. This is perfect for when you’re travelling abroad for an extended period. This service is often paired with the mobile patrol for empty areas like abandoned warehouses or condemned structures.

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While this service may seem redundant or unnecessary because you can keep the keys yourself, the idea behind this is that the patrol or guards can check on the property anytime they need to.

  1. Lock up and unlock services

You can have the security company lock up your office at the end of the day and have them open the office before the first employee shows up. This way, you don’t have to worry about people forgetting to lock the office or leaving the office keys at home because the security company has their copy of the keys.

And that’s it. Depending on your needs you may choose what services to use, it is up to you.

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