Top 5 Amazing International Destinations For 2015

The world is such a beautiful place to live. There are millions upon millions of exciting destinations you can visit. Therefore, how can you possibly choose one? Well, the following are some 5 places which are either normally attracting millions of excited travellers each year or are now trending as the coming hot spots for 2015 travel.

1. Italy

Italy is home to many cities and at one point in our lives we have dreamed of visiting. With some 47.7 million tourists making a trip to this Mediterranean destination in the year 2013, it proves that this is a popular dream destination for millions of people, and should also be in your bucket list in 2015.

Whether it is the attractive canals of Venice, the mouth-watering food and exotic wine everywhere, historical monuments of Rome, people flock to Italy in their droves. This is not expected to stop anytime soon

2. Vietnam

The country has over the last decade been attracting steadily tourists and this trend is set to continue in the coming year. But you may ask yourself, why are millions of people setting sail to this South East Asian country?

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Surrounded by the coast as well as a wealth of natural beauty, the country is a home to numerous idyllic locations. Additionally, with ancient and French colonial history, Vietnam is a place where you may find medieval monuments as well as the evidence of Western influence in normal things such as food. It’s a place of crossroads between East and West

Exploring its countryside is also an enthralling experience that numerous tourists recommend. Renting some bike and riding away from its larger cities so as to view artistic rice paddles as well as connect with the locals is all component of an exciting and enriching experience that is Vietnam, and what a better place to visit in 2015!

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3. Spain

Spain brought a whopping 60.7 million tourists in 2013. This made it the third most visited country in the entire world last year. Quite impressive! Well, the statistic is not that surprising- it’s just all in a year work for this attractive Iberian nation.

The problem now comes when you need to decide the place you need to explore in the time that you have. You might spend many months in the country and not see everything.

However, whether you decide to select the Basque country in the north, or you decide to explore the southern region of Andalucía, or the Balearic Islands off the Peninsula, or the vivacious area of Cataluña, you will be certain to encounter unique histories, great food and amiable locals who love boasting about their exquisite nation. Spain here you come in 2015!

4. New Zealand

Undoubtedly among the most attractive countries in the world, this country is worth whatever plane that will take you there in 2015. Located deep in southern hemisphere, the Commonwealth country normally attracts different kinds of adventurers with its exhilarating outdoor activities and stunning landscape.

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5. Turkey

Fascinating archaeological sites, spectacular beaches, gorgeous scenes, relaxing seaside spas and resorts and many other appealing activities, it is no wonder that millions of people drop by yearly. There’s something for everyone and is expected to be among the most seductive 2015 tourist destination

Well, there are many places to visit each year. You just need to plan for a place that satisfies your fancy. The above are just some five irresistible places that should be on your wish-list in 2015. Just make your ESTA visa early enough and ensure that you catch a plane to one of these places for a holiday to remember.

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