Turn Your Website Visitors Into Repeat Customers

If you find that visitors to your website aren’t sticking around for long, your business could start to suffer, especially if you have an e-commerce facility. There are lots of things you can do, however, to improve the visitor experience and increase conversions.

Responsive Web Theme

In this mobile era, your website should be optimised for use on any device. Using a responsive web theme on your site means that it can be viewed and navigated with ease on a range of devices, including a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. The layout of a responsive theme adjusts to the screen size of different devices, providing optimal viewing and a seamless user experience. There are many themes to choose from that look slick and professional, with WordPress offering a great selection to suit different requirements.

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Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is an effective strategy for improving your position in search engine results. According to The Guardian sites that appear higher up in the results will get more traffic to their pages, and so potentially more business. Keyword rich content is crucial to boost your site’s ranking

Optimise Your Landing Page

Most website visitors will decide whether to stay or not within eight seconds. This means you only have a short amount of time to impress them. Your landing page should have a compelling headline and call-to-action to keep visitors hooked. According to Entrepreneur, use metrics such as sales and average time on site to evaluate the performance of your pages. Test the landing page text and headlines to make sure they’re positioned to maximise visitor interest and offer a unique value proposition.

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Use Short Forms

If you have any forms on your website that visitors need to fill in to sign up or purchase items, keep them as short and succinct as possible. Nobody likes wasting times filling in long-winded forms, and you’re more likely to lose visitors if forms are overcomplicated or superfluous.

Optimise Your Content

Making simple changes to your website could make a world of difference to conversions, so consult professional design services, such as website design by Ambercouch. This web design Cardiff business, for instance, understands what aspects could be improved on a site. It could be as simple as changing your headline text, or implementing a ‘chat now’ button. Moving the ‘buy now’ button or changing the wording from ‘see our prices’ to ‘get started today’ can all help to improve conversions. Research has also shown that changing a call to action button from green to red can also make a difference.

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The Personal Experience

If a visitor is hesitant about purchasing from your site, reassure them by adding content that they’ll find appealing. Testimonials from satisfied customers can drive validation and boost conversions. Research has also shown that putting people on your homepage can have a positive impact on conversions. Consider including videos of either product descriptions or people using a product, for example. Product videos can increase purchases by 144% according to some experts.

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