Beginners Guide To Vaping

Beginners Guide To Vaping

If you’re new to vaping and tobacco alternatives in general, you might not be sure where to start. This guide aims to show you the ins and outs of vaping, giving you a good base of knowledge to move forward.

Many people think that vaporizers and e-cigarettes are the same thing, when this simply isn’t the case. While they do share a lot of features – they’ve also got a few distinct differences. E-cigs have mass market appeal as disposable tobacco alternatives but they don’t have the same quality, durability and customization potential as a good vape system.

Although most vaporizers have a higher up-front cost than e-cigs, they last much longer – so are much better value. They are also cleaner, more versatile, and often more fun to use. You can enchance your enjoyment with a number of different flavors.

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What Makes up a Good Vaporizer?

There’s a huge community of vaping enthusiasts who work together to build their own units of modify existing ones. Because of this, there are simply tons of different options in the vaping world. Here’s what makes up a regular vaping system:

The Mod – This is the main housing unit and contains the battery.

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The Tank – Attached to the other side of the battery, this is where the e-liquid is contained.

The Drip Tip – This is where the user interacts with the unit (inhales). It’s normally attached to the top of the tank.

e-Juice – This is the liquid that is stored in the tank. There are thousands of different manufacturers and flavors to choose from. You can even find nicotine-free liquid.

USB output – So you can charge your unit.

Now you can see the main difference between vaping units and e-cigarettes. E-cigs offer an uncustomizable, off-the-shelf solution to quitting smoking. With a vaporizer you can change or upgrade any of the parts yourself to get the vaping personal, bespoke vaping solution you’re looking for. Not happy with the battery? Upgrade it. The possibilities are nearly endless.

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While both e-cigs and vaporizers are good for getting off of harmful tobacco cigarettes – vaping has a much bigger community of people who enjoy showing off what they’ve built. If you’re new to vaping, check it out – it might be for you.

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