New Technology To Track IT Spending

The Information technology plays the important role in all the departments especially in government sector. There are many private concerns working regarding on this information technology. The company’s touchstone tactics permit for charge dimension unity across all organization. Today there are no institutions without depending on this IT sector.

Both nationally and internationally they are working as a mandatory one and doing their service to the government sector and also for private sector. For our fast growth in financial and economic of our country the technology and new methodologies used by this department is the main thing. One of the technologies that are given by this IT sector to our public sector is bar code technology. Bar code scanners are used in many Government sectors like Bank, industries and other financial institutions.

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Barcode scanners are available in market with Bluetooth and wireless fidelity technology. Many hospitals are also using this barcode technology to know the stock of pills available in the hospital, about medicinal equipment’s and to be track of patients. It department is the boon to the Government sector to develop and upgrade our nation’s economic growth to the higher level and make our country as a developing country. Barcode scanners, printers, OMR reader, MICR, etc are the new and innovative technology by the IT department and they are just put off the old and long time process like courier, creating invoices and so on.

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Apptio maintain the claim of cost transparency that can trace the money to make sure that it is spent as planned by the company. Another important technology used by the Government is biometric security system which is used to keep track the criminals and to identify the criminals within particular time. Using the fingerprints in particular objects which is related to the crime and it is used to catch the culprit. In Biometric system, a reader or scanner detains information like finger prints and iris recognition by comparing it with appropriate one. This biometric system is particularly used for the security purpose of the Government sectors and providing many layers of protection. It acts as a guard against mainly for identity theft and provides the protection in major departments.

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Email, messenger, E-cards are the useful technologies and are boon to the Government sector to communicate with each other and having more security. Both in synchronous and asynchronous medium public sector employees can transmit their information and message with high security through daily news updates. These are the important technology used by Government sectors to upgrade our country’s economic growth to the next level.

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