Where Not to Park Your Mahindra Bolero to Avoid Auto Glass Damage

Buying a car is an eternal commitment. From driving it right to perfect maintenance, from timely servicing to careful parking – it takes everything to own and maintain a car. While the rest is mostly taken care of by most of the car owners, there’s one thing which gets the least attention – parking.

Where you park your car is very essential when it comes to taking care of the windshield. Your XUV might be a sturdy beast which can beat any weather conditions but if wrongly parked, it is as much a victim to unfortunate circumstances as you with a broken car in the middle of nowhere.

Here’s a list of places not to choose when parking your car

Construction Sites

Construction sites are obviously the most unkind spaces when it comes to parking, for all the obvious reasons. Debris, paints, trucks, rocks – you know what they can do to your front glass. It’s best to keep away from such roads or sites even while driving, let alone parking. But if you don’t have a choice, drive your car a mile ahead of the site in a safe location. Convenience isn’t everything, but your XUV’s safety surely is.

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Under the Direct Sun

Just like you keep away from the sun to protect yourself and your skin, don’t park your car under the direct sun. The rising temperature will not only damage the exteriors of your car but will also damage the front glass beyond repair. The heat buildup in the car can crack your glass and it might be too late by the time you notice it. The solutions in that case? Payoff XUV 500 windshield price for an OEM windhsield replacement at the hands of professionals.

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Damp Muddy Areas

Parking in damp, enclosed areas can lead to moss formation on your windshield. Excessive moisture, particularly due to Monsoon, can easily make way for moss formation anywhere on your glass. While cleaning it instantly might relieve you of your worries, but note that moss can reoccur easily if not cleaned properly. If it worsens, get ready to pay your car front glass price for having the windshield replaced by trustworthy windshield replacement and repair professionals such as Windshield Experts. .


There might be an empty, deserted playground nearby your home or office and you might be tempted to park your XUV 500 there. However, bear in mind that as the evening rolls in, children often make their way to the ground and indulge in sports and recreation, often with games such as cricket where the ball might hit your car’s glass with sheer force and damage it.

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Parking indoors provides your car with the right temperature, security and safety. But if that’s not an option, look for a garage or a covered parking. It ensures the safety of your vehicle from theft, damage, and poor weather conditions. Public parking spaces are located conveniently throughout the city and you will probably find one just a few blocks down the road.

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